Union Of Death

Shan R.K


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Beschreibung zu „Union Of Death“

"Emotions make a man do crazy things. But a woman is a demon without it."

Marco used me and hurt me, the day he left me in a crumpled mess on the floor. I convinced myself he hated me, that he is nothing but a distant dream I once wanted.

Now, I am in his home and he is looking at me like I am more than just a Mezzosangue, and I am staring at him, like he is the enemy because he is. He wants to kill my friend, but I will not let that happen. Our cards are out, and I am a Queen with aces. I called his bluff and he played his hand too early, now it's my turn.

Only Marco Catelli doesn't believe in fair play and I am done losing. The story follows Aliyana Capello and Marco Catelli's life and the events leading them to the alter.

Part 2 in the Suspenseful Romantic trilogy continues, when Aliyana and Marco come head to head. Sometimes duty and honor have no chance when loyalty is involved






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